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'Potentiam' is a futuristic open world game that's design is based upon a real location in England.

The human race has finally mastered technology. With self driving cars and autonomous vehicles dominating the skies and seas, everything ran smoothly. World peace was being considered a reality.

But then it all changed. A group of hackers known only as 'The cyber lords' took it upon themselves to ruin this society. One virus uploaded to the GPS satellites was all it took. From there they took everything. Cars ran off bridges, planes dropped out of the sky. The Stone Age became the modern age. Missiles around the world took it upon themselves to shoot of into the sky and obliterate power stations and other utility providers. The virus evolved and took offline most electrical machinery.

The technology that once helped us was now the biggest drawback to our planet since the extinction of the dinosaurs. Only small pockets of civilization remained. Lead by corrupt leaders and exploited by those with the superior strength.

Gradually people became fed up. Revolting against these corrupt leaders was a dream supported by many. After surviving the apocalypse, barely, you managed to end up under one of these tyrannical reins. But today would change all that, wouldn't it?

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Pre-order Now£1.00 GBP or more

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